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"Honest, logical and game changing lessons to help you be the best version of yourself!"

-Luke W.

"This has transformed the way I work, train, and live."

- Layton G.

"It really does work. I use these lessons everyday."

- Scott S.

"The lessons are so well explained and easy to understand and relate to. I cannot recommend this program enough. So applicable."

-Brad K.

If $19 per month is not affordable for you, please email [email protected] and we will provide you a free or discounted membership. We created Trident Mindset to make people happier. We don't want money to stand in the way of that.

The money we make helps us grow Trident Mindset, impact more people, and provide a good quality of life for our team. However, we don't want anyone who would like to use Trident Mindset to be turned away by the cost.