Chriss Smith Jr. 

Retired Navy SEAL


Chriss Smith is the CEO and cofounder of Trident Mindset. He's also an

- Ultra-endurance athlete

- Entrepreneur

- Husband

- Navy SEAL

- Dog father (most importantly)


At Trident Mindset, Chriss works alongside a team of former neuroscientists, intelligence officers, and special operators.


Trident Mindset was created by a group of Navy SEALs, intelligence officers, neuroscientists, executives, and athletes. Each of us are united by a common belief - learning mental toughness has changed our lives more profoundly and positively than anything else. The gift of being able to be happy and effective in every moment – no matter how challenging – is invaluable. Now we are dedicating our lives to sharing that gift with as many people as possible.

We each began our journey to mental toughness as skeptics. As people who assumed mental toughness, stoicism, micro-goals, and the like were mere buzzwords that would never actually add value to our lives.

But then – due to SEAL training, the suggestion of a mentor, or just curiosity – we each tried it. We began training our mental toughness. And it worked.

Our happiness and performance soared to new heights. On the battlefield. In the boardroom. At home with our families. Everywhere. The stress, anxiety, pressure, pain, and fear fell away, and calmness, contentment, and effectiveness took their place. Suddenly, no matter what life threw at us, we felt unbreakable.

Since then, we have been on a mission to find the limits of the mind. We’ve pushed it. Tested it. Studied it. And in the process, we found some answers – answers that have helped us thrive in the world’s most challenging professions and environments. Trident Mindset was created to share these answers by providing the most cutting-edge, actionable, relatable, engaging, complete, and scientifically-backed mental toughness training in the world.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey to defeat stress, dominate adversity, and master our mindsets.