Chriss Smith Jr. 

Former Navy SEAL Chief


Chriss Smith is the CEO and cofounder of Trident Mindset. He's also an

- Ultra-endurance athlete

- Entrepreneur

- Husband

- Navy SEAL

- Dog father (most importantly)


At Trident Mindset, Chriss works alongside a team of former special operators and neuroscientists who prefer to remain behind the scenes.



Trident Mindset's mission is to make people happier.


We pursue this by teaching people mental toughness - the ability to be calm, effective, and happy in any situation.


Trident Mindset was created by a group of Navy SEALs and intelligence operatives. Each time we returned home from overseas, we noticed most of our friends and family weren't as happy as they could be. They were constantly stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed by all the challenges life throws at us.


We thought this was crazy becase...Being stressed out is a problem that has already been solved.


For decades, the SEAL teams and intelligence community have been teaching their operatives to be calm and effective in any situation by teaching them mental toughness. 


The problem is - you don't receive this training unless you're in the SEALs or intel community.



So, we got together and decided to take the best lessons we'd learned from the Special Ops and intelligence worlds and use them to create a mental toughness training program everyone could benefit from.



Life will always throw challenges at you. You can't change that. But, there is no law of physics that says we must become stressed out by work deadlines, traffic, exams, raising kids, or busy schedules. People only become stressed by these things because they haven't been taught how not to. That's where we come in.


We believe Trident Mindset's program can teach anyone to become mentally tough.


Mental toughness has changed our lives more positively and profoundly than anything else we've ever leaned. Now we're dedicating our lives to bringing mental toughness to everyone. We hope you'll join us on the journey to defeat stress and increase happiness.