Master Your Mindset


Reduce stress. Reach potential. Increase happiness.


A mindset training app created by Navy SEALs and neuroscientists

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Master Your Mindset 


Reduce stress. Reach potential. 
Increase happiness.


A mindset training app created by Navy SEALs and neuroscientists

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Mastering your mindset means... 

having the ability to be calm, effective, and happy in any situation.


Watch the video to see how Trident Mindset works.


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Here's how members say Trident Mindset helped them:



live more intentionally


reduced stress


improved work performance


feel prepared to thrive during challenges


experienced improved personal relationships


increased confidence


Master your mindset 

by learning 12 tactics:

  • Stoicism

  • Intentionality

  • Flipping the Script

  • Choosing the Wrench

  • Mindfulness

  • Discipline

  • Micro-Goals

  • Focus

  • Breath Control

  • Thought Control

  • Meditation

  • Visualization

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You'll learn one tactic each month


Each day has 3 steps:



5-minute lesson



5-minute practice exercise


3. Check-in 

1-minute self-assessment

The Old Way Is Incomplete


Other apps just teach meditation and mindfulness. This is like playing golf with only 2 clubs.



Complete Arsenal


You'll learn all 12 tactics you need to be calm, effective, and happy in any situation


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"With Trident Mindset, I can embrace motherhood, work, and a pandemic with calmness and quiet confidence!"

- Mari H.

"A life-changing way to look at the world. I feel like this is the key to unlocking potential." 

- Shannon M.

"Trident Mindset gives me the tools to improve my family and professional life. I'm at a level I never thought I would achieve!"

- Isaac F.

Built by those 

Who have walked the walk


Trident Mindset was created by a team of former Navy SEALs, CIA operatives, and neuroscientists.

The 12 tactics we teach at Trident Mindset have helped us thrive during life's constant challenges - on the battlefield, in the boardroom, and at home.

Nothing has more positively impacted our lives than learning mindset. So, we're now dedicating our lives to bringing world-class mindset training to everyone.


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