Master Your Mindset 


Reduce stress. Reach potential. 
Increase happiness.


A mental health and mental toughness training app created by Navy SEALs and neuroscientists

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Master Your Mindset


Reduce stress. Reach potential. Increase happiness.


A mental health and mental toughness training app created by Navy SEALs and neuroscientists

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"A life-changing way to look at the world. I feel like this is the key to unlocking potential." 

- Shannon M.

"With Trident Mindset, I can embrace motherhood, work, and a pandemic with calmness and quiet confidence!"

- Mari H.

"Everyone regardless of age or profession should be using Trident Mindset. It is one of the best investments someone can make in themselves"

- Mike L.

Within the first 3 months:



of members reduced stress


of members increased happiness


of members improved work performance

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How Trident Mindset works: 


1. Learn 12 proven mindset tactics


Trident Mindset teaches you how to reduce stress, reach potential, and increase happiness.

In our careers as Navy SEALs, intelligence operatives, and neuroscientists, we identified 12 tactics that have proven themselves - in the lab and on the battlefield - at helping people be calm, effective, and happy in any situation.

Trident Mindset teaches you to master these 12 tactics.


  • Micro-Goals

  • Focus

  • Breath Control

  • Intentionality

  • Choosing the Wrench

  • Stoicism

  • Discipline

  • Meditation

  • Mindfulness

  • Flipping the Script

  • Inner Voice

  • Visualization

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2. Learn 1 tactic each month

You'll spend a month learning each tactic, so every tactic becomes a lasting habit

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3. Learn through daily lessons, practice exercises, and check-ins


Daily Lesson

5 minutes. Listen or read.

  • Each lesson teaches you something new about the month's tactic:
  • What the tactic is and how to use it
  • Strategies for applying the tactic to each area of your life (work, relationships, health, dark moments, etc.)
  • The neuroscience and physiology behind the tactic
  • Stories of how other people have successfully used the tactic

Daily Practice

5 minutes

  • The exercises give you a way to practice the concepts you're learning in the lessons.
  • These are mindset exercises - not physical ones. You'll see: meditations, breathing exercises, and reflections - not burpees and sprints. 


Daily Check-In

1 minute

  • The checkin lets you measure how successfully you're applying the tactics to your everyday life
  • The check-ins get more challenging as you progress through the course to reflect your increased knowledge.


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"I'm telling everyone I know that they need to get on this platform right away! This is great stuff. I find it incredibly valuable!" 

- Mike Y.

"The best investment I've ever made."

- Isaac F.

"At 44 years old, I thought, 'This is it. My mind can't change. I'm condemned to think like this for the rest of my life.' All I can say is wow! Thank you for the profound difference this has made in my life."

- Kyle S.

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The Old Way Is Incomplete


Other apps just teach meditation and mindfulness. This is like playing golf with only 2 clubs.



Complete Arsenal


You'll learn all 12 tactics you need to be calm, effective, and happy in any situation


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Why Trident Mindset Exists 


We learn so much in school - writing in cursive, calculating the area of a rhombus, memorizing facts about the French Revolution. But we're never taught some pretty big things - how to manage stress, take care of our mental health, reach our potential, or be happy! 

It turns out life isn't super full of rhombuses or pop quizzes on the French Revolution. What life is full of is constant adversity - packed schedules, pandemics, demanding jobs, irritating bosses, bills, setbacks, failures, losses, traffic jams.

Because we never learned how to thrive amidst all this adversity...we don't. Feeling stressed, unhappy, or like you aren't reaching your potential has become the new norm for so many people.

It doesn't need to be this way. Trident Mindset was created by a team of Navy SEALs, intelligence operatives, and neuroscientists. Those of us who were SEALs and intelligence officers learned a lot about how to be calm and effective in any situation, no matter how difficult. And the neuroscientists on the team learned a lot about what makes humans happy.

But unless you work in these fields, you don't get access to these lessons or training. We created Trident Mindset to share the profoundly transformative mindset principles and tactics we learned so everyone can benefit from them.

Our mission is to make people happy. We think teaching people mental toughness - the skill of being calm, effective, and happy in any situation - is the best way we can accomplish that mission.

We hope Trident Mindset helps you be a calmer, more effective, and happier you.


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Built by those 

Who have walked the walk


Trident Mindset was created by a team of former Navy SEALs, CIA operatives, and neuroscientists (our CEO, Chriss Smith, is the overdressed guy in the photo).

The 12 tactics we teach at Trident Mindset have helped us thrive during life's constant challenges - on the battlefield, in the boardroom, and at home.

Nothing has more positively impacted our lives than learning mindset. So, we're now dedicating our lives to bringing world-class mindset training to everyone.


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