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Give Your Team the Tools They Need to Defeat Stress


Workers in 2021 are stressed, anxious, and isolated*:

  • 88% report being stressed 
  • 69% say the COVID-19 pandemic is the most stressful time of their career
  • 62% report losing at least one hour of productivity a day due to pandemic-related stress
  • 44% regularly experience feeling like a failure
  • 43% don’t believe their employers care about work-life balance 
  • 43% feel burned out and emotionally drained
  • 23% often feel hopeless
  • 19% have quit at least one job because of stress

Despite all this, only 11% have reached out to their colleagues for help


Your team is counting on you to help them.


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Other Solutions Are Incomplete


Other companies just provide meditation and mindfulness training. This is like playing golf with only 2 clubs.


The Complete Arsenal


Give your team all 12 tactics they need to be calm, effective, and happy in any situation.


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Mike Long

Senior Executive at Bank of America


"Everyone regardless of age or profession should be using Trident Mindset. It is one of the best investments someone can make in themselves."

Corporate Pricing

$21/month per user

  • The larger the team, the larger the discount
  • Monthly and annual memberships offered
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The Team With the Best Players Wins. 

Invest in Your People.


Here's how users say Trident Mindset helped them:

  • 91% reduced stress
  • 90% improved their ability to thrive during challenges
  • 80% improved their performance at work
  • 73% increased confidence
  • 64% learned to be more disciplined



Improve mental health.

Improve performance.

Improve cohesion.


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